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Our PanditJi will perform Puja as per your traditions and customs. Guru ji also explain significance and importance of Puja & Mantras in English Our ambition is to Provide Excellent Religious Services for all parts of life To our Devotees. Services are available 7 days a week. Priest has his own Transportation.Please call to Pujari Ji & set up an appointment for Ceremony event PanditJi will be available at your doorstep. Our Panditji will reach at your given Event Venue or your preferred location, on the specified time, E-mail Support Available call to
Pandit OmShukla ShastriJi
What’s app Number: +1 (201) 887-2725

Feel free to send an E-mail to PanditJi with complete details with address date time of ceremony or Event, if you need help to find an auspicious muhurat please write detailed messages, because if we are busy in Puja than not Available to talk over the phone so please send an E-mail to us.

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To find best muhurat we need to know your preference first – please write Your preferred Dates/Days month week/weeks/ Weekdays/weekends according to your schedule and all your questions in one email Please send


We offer all Vedic puja Services including but limited Please Call or send e-mail for more details

1.Sri satyanarayan Puja Vrat Katha satyanarayana swamy vratham Pooja Archana Vidhanam

2. Navagraha puja and Homam, Grah shanti Puja Nine planets Astrological Horoscope Remedy

3. baby shower, Godh Bharai, Seemantham and Pregnancy related Pujas Pumsavana Samskara

4. Naming ceremony:- Namkaran Sanskar Puja, Sudhdhi Punyahavachanam

5. Griha Pravesh Puja:- House Warming Pooja, Vaastu Shanti Yagya Griha Shanti Vastu Dosha Nivaran Puja house clearing home healing, House Cleansing, Home Blessings, Spirit Release Ghar Shudhi

6. Wedding Ceremony:- (Shubh Vivah) Marriage Related Pujas & Pre- Wedding Rituals Pooja’s Griha Shanti Mandap Muhurat Etc All types of wedding function related Poojas

7. Nakshtra Shanti-Janma Nakshatra shanti, Moola, Jyesta, aslesha, Gandmool Dosha, Sattaisa Yog Nivaran Pooja, Dosha Shanti, Nakshtra Shanti Homam

8. Dosha nivaran puja and Homams : Kaalsarpa, Pitri dosh, Shanti Pooja Homam/Havan For All Doshas- Sarva Dosha Nivarana Homam/Havan Pariharam Pujas

9. All Types of Yagyas:- Havan, Vedic Yagna, Homa, Hawan, Yagnas, all Kinds of Fire Rituals Ceremonies Maha Sudarshan Homam Etc Ganapathy Homam Lakshmi Homa Kuber Homas Chandi Homa

10. Pujas for Health:- Mahamrityunjaya, dhanvantari Pooja, Mantra Japam & Yagyas

Mahamritunjaya Mantra Jaap Rudra Abhishek Laghu Rudra A Prayer for Physical Healing against various diseases and illnesses sickness recovery injury healing

11. Poojas For Wealth:- Puja for prosperity :- Mahalakshmi Kuber Pooja & Havan Yagyas Astha Lakshmi Sri Yantra Dhan Varsha Pooja Shri Suktam Homa Kanakdhara Patham

12. Puja for Starting New Busines : Start-up Pooja Office Puja, Showroom retail Shop Commercial warehouse, Pooja For Finances – Business Prayers – Prayers For Starting A Business In Silicon Valley

13. Puja for good career growth success, New Job, Promotion, Removal of Obstacles- Success in all Ventures. All types of Business and Career related Sri Ganesh Mahalaxmi Kubera Puja and Homams

14. all types of astrological pujas as horoscope Remedy, Free Pooja Suggestion Astrology related Pujas as per your Horoscope remedial puja talk to PanditJi to get complete Vedic Jyotish remedies

15. Birthday Puja:- Aayushya Homam, Janamdin Pooja & Havan, Bhima Radha Shanti (70th Birthday) Shashti (Shastabya) Purti (60th Birthday) Sashtyabtha Poorthy (61st birth day) Vijaya Radha Shanthi Homan Sata Abhishekam ( 80th Birthday ) all types of Birthdays related Pujas & Homam, Wedding Marriage Anniversary Puja

16. Pooja for Ancestors:- shradh Puja: Departed Soul, Hiranya Shradham Tarpan Pind Daan, Atmik Shanti Havan All poojas after Death & Annual or Monthly Shraadham Parvanashraddam & Pindapradanam

17. Sri Ganesh Puja: Ganapati Homam Ganesh Sthapan, Ganesh Chaturthi Ganesh Utsav event Pooja

18. Shiv Puja:- Rudrabhishekam Mahamritunjay Etc all Types of lord Shiva Puja’s & Yagyas

19. Durga Puja, Chandi Paath Devi Mahatmya, Navratri 9 Days Pooja Saptshati Patham Havan, Bhagavaty Seva Chandi Homam Durga Lakshmi/Saraswati Homam Sri Vidya Pooja Lalitha Devi Pujan

20. Puja for happy married Life, Puja for Successful Married Life, Puja On Marriage Anniversary Day

21. Astrological Remedial solution for Delayed / Delay In marriage- Vivaha Dosha Nivaran Puja- Mangal Shanti, Manglik Dosha Nivaran, Swayamvara Parvathi Homam Tulsi Vivaha Kalyan utsavam Kumbh Vivah, Vishnu Vivaaha, Nadi Dosha, Nivaran, Guna dosha Shanti Puja, Book a puja for the removal of Vivaha Dosham Pariharam Pooja Quick marriage remedies Based on your horoscope as per Vedic Jyotish Astro

22. Engagement Puja, Ring Ceremony, Roka Puja, Shagun Puja, all Types of Prewedding & post wedding Puja, Mandap Muhurat Grihashanti Etc Nischithartham (Engagement Ceremony)

Akshara Abhyasa (Vidya Arambham) Aksharaaabhyasam or Akshara abhyaasam or Vidyaarambham

Annaprashana: Introducing Solid Food to baby Ricepudding Ceremony

Bhoomi Puja (Ground Breaking Ceremony

Chowla Upanayanam (Thread Ceremony) yagnopavit janeu Samskara (rite of passage) 16 sanskar (Sacraments of Life)

We are Vedic Purohit dedicated to organize worry free Religious Services which would give you a blissful transcendental experience along with the accomplished good fortune of performing the prayers Worship & rituals. Book A panditJi for puja online now!!!

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